car import cost calculator

Car Import Cost Estimate Calculator

There are many charges associated with importing a vehicle from overseas. Charges that contribute to the total car import cost include:

  • Shipping and customs costs. Shipping costs include the costs of customs both in the country you’re exporting from and in Singapore, quarantine inspection fees, cleaning, international freight, port service charges and insurance for the shipment.
  • Used car surcharge. If you import a used vehicle (up to a maximum of 3 years of age), a used car surcharge of $10,000 will be payable.
  • Excise duty. For all passenger and classic cars, there will be a 20% excise duty levied on the customs Open Market Value (OMV) of the vehicle.
  • Goods and services tax (GST). A GST of 7% will be levied on the sum of the vehicle’s customs OMV and Excise Duty payable.
  • Compliance costs. The cars may need minor modifications to make them roadworthy in Singapore - this can include disabling unapproved light globes, sunshades, tinted films and spoilers. Other costs towards achieving full compliance include emission testing and emission standard compliance certification.
  • Registration and insurance. Just as with any car you’ll need to get this registered once it’s compliant and ready to drive. So you’ll need to pay for registration fee (RF), additional registration fee (ARF) and bid for a Certificate of Entitlement (COE). It’s also mandatory for your vehicle to be covered by third-party insurance.
  • Vehicle Emissions Scheme (VES). Depending on your car’s emissions tier, VES may either not affect you, provide a rebate or require you to pay a surcharge.



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