FAQ Car Import

Q1. What is the procedure of any bespoke/custom vehicle import order ?

car import process

Import Video Guide HERE

Q2. What is the payment schedule?

The payment milestones for the car purchase are summarized in the table below.

S/No. Payment Milestones Date
1 Booking deposit Upon signing of sales agreement
2 CIF to overseas exporter Before vehicle shipment to Singapore
3 COE bid deposit (if applicable) Prior to COE bidding by seller
4 Customs excise duty & GST Singapore customs clearance
5 Balance payment (less loan) Before vehicle registration


Q3. How long will it take before buyer can drive off the vehicle ?

Typically, it should take 3-5 months, depending on the origin of the car as well as whether it is a ready stock or a factory build vehicle.

Q4. What is the new car financing interest rate ?

Currently, the loan interest rate for new cars starts from 1.88%. To know the loan installment amount, you can try this loan calculator.

Q5. How long will it take for COE to be bidded ?

We offer a value-added service to bid for the COE on the Buyer's behalf though we do not profit from the process.

However, the Buyer can also opt to do self-bidding of COE.

You can view the latest COE bidding results here.

Q6. Does the vehicle come with any warranty ?

Yes, the vehicle that our company imports in for you comes with a comprehensive 3/5 years warranty coverage (terms and conditions apply).

For continental/Asian ICE vehicle models, the warranty programme will be underwritten by:


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