4 July 2019 - Mercedes GLC250 AMG SUV

Quote from Whatsapp Review:

"Jaye has helped me get my beloved Mercedes GLC250. Whatever he promised, he delivered. Wonderful guy to talk to. No other PI can match his price. Recommend to all car buyers!"


21 June 2019 - Honda Shuttle Hybrid

Quote from Facebook Review:

"After many years, I brought the Honda Shuttle from Jaye. Without any latest info and the know very little about the car market. Jaye had patiently explain and guide me through the whole buying procees. Update me as and when. I enjoy the whole procees and without any worry and hicup. And he offer the good price of the car. He is frendly, honest and definitely can be trusted. Jaye keep it up and all the best!"


20 May 2019 - Toyota Esquire Xi Welcab Type I

This particular customer contacted us in end Dec 2018 and requested information on importing vehicles that are suitable for wheelchair-bound passengers. We proposed to him the Toyota Noah or Esquire Welcab Type I/II. He made the actual vehicle booking on 6 January after some consideration. Overall delivery lead time was about 18 weeks.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"Getting a welcab in Singapore is really tough. I was trying to get a car that will be suitable for a wheelchair passenger as my daughter is wheelchair bound. After making many searches, visiting many importers and facing dead ends, I found Jaye online. His said he can help make all the arrangements to import a Toyota Esquire from Japan with a two wheelchair position. Mr Jaye was being very patient with all my requests. He always keep me informed with the status of the car even when I was overseas. We are touched by his one-stop service. He is definitely a trustworthy person. Highly recommended. Thank you Jaye."


17 Jan 2019 - Toyota Esquire Xi Welcab Type II

In August 2018, we received a call from this customer on importing the Toyota Esquire Welcab. He made the actual vehicle booking on 30 Aug after some consideration. Even though there was some delay in SG Customs clearance as well as a longer than usual lead time in booking a slot for local emission testing, it took us about 20 weeks to deliver the ride to him.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"Getting a welcab car in Singapore is a challenge. Even experienced PIs don't carry them or they charge a premium. After reading the reviews, I decided to take a "plunge". It turns out to be an excellent choice. Not only does Jay keeps me posted (e.g. car was delayed but I know exactly what's the bottleneck through his frequent updates), he also shares my concern (e.g. agree to share risk for deposit when I don't even see the car). He does not have a fantastic showroom (one of the reason that cost is low) but he's definitely a trustworthy sales to buy from. Highly recommended."


12 Jan 2019 - Mercedes Benz E200 SE Saloon

In September 2018, this particular customer sent us an email request on importing a Mercedes E200. After few weeks of discussion, he finally made up his mind and booked the vehicle in mid Oct 2018. Even though it took about a month for the car to clear SG Customs, the total lead time was still only about 3 months from booking to doorstep delivery.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"Tried sourcing myself for a Mercedes E200 from UK. I could not get the price Jaye offered to me so I decided to buy from him instead. His company is small therefore he could offer the price no other PI can. He is honest and can be trusted. Will definitely recommend him to my friends. Thanks Jaye."


12 Dec 2018 - Toyota Sienta Hybrid G Welcab Type A

In May 2018, this particular customer made an inquiry with us on getting a mobility vehicle suitable for physically challenged and elderly personnel. After a month of intermittent discussions, he booked the vehicle in mid Jun 2018. We cleared all hurdles with the local regulatory authorities and delivered the vehicle of his required specifications in Dec 2018.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"I was trying to get a car that will be suitable for physically challenged passenger. After making many searches and facing dead ends, I found Jaye online. He said he can help make all the arrangements to import a Toyota Sienta Hybrid from Japan with a front swivel seat. Of course I had my concerns and reservations but Jaye gave me assurances and promised to keep me posted on each step of the way from ordering through the process of production and export. He has helped in all the areas from COE bidding to getting insurance. I ordered the car in mid June, and despite some delays like typhoon and retesting the car, I am happy to say I received my car this week, delivered to my doorstep. There was a little hiccup with clearing emission tests, but this is made up by Jaye’s usual quick responses to queries and actions. He also helped to find the PDF manuals for the car."


07 Sep 2018 - BMW 530i M SPORT

In February 2018, this customer approached us to import the BMW 530i M Sport into Singapore for him. He ordered the vehicle in Mediterranean Blue color and with some other custom features. Vehicle arrived Singapore in late June 2018 and we successfully cleared the vehicle with our local regulatory authority, LTA on 4 Sep. Vehicle was then registered on 6 Sep and delivered personally to the owner the next day.

Quote from Whatsapp Review:

"Jaye quoted a reasonable price after comparing to other PI's, got my BMW 530i M-Sport and were satisfied with his overall service, good guy and it's the trusted dealer to buy from, definitely will buy from Jaye again. Thanks."


1 Sep 2018 - Peugeot 5008 1.6 EAT6 GT-Line

The customer wanted the Peugeot 5008 GT-Line but the local agent did not want to bring it in for him. In March 2018, our company was approached by him and we made a custom factory order based on his special request for the GT-Line trim with additional factory options of Nappa leather upholstery, Park assist, Electric tailgate, and Area view camera.

Production of the vehicle was completed in May and it arrived in Singapore in June. Registration of the vehicle was completed on 31 Aug and the vehicle was delivered to him on the next day.

Quote from Whatsapp Review:

"Had a very good experience working with Jaye to bring my 5008 in. He is very detailed and clear with the process so that gave me alot of confidence. He is also very resourceful and helped me to save a fair bit of money to research and get the car registered in the right emissions band. Highly recommended!"


21 Aug 2018 - Toyota Voxy X Welcab Type I

After viewing the first Voxy Welcab imported by us for another customer, this customer requested us to import the same vehicle in silver color. He placed the custom bespoke order on 8 May 2018 and collected the physical car on 21 Aug.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"Ordered my Toyota Voxy from Jaye back in Early May and just got it a couple of days back. After seeing some of the positive reviews for SGCARS4U, we decided to give him a go. First impression was that he was not a salesperson and doesn't upsell anything. He tells you what is and what should be expected. He is direct and upfront with any information that you require and doesn't sugar coat anything. So when we received our Voxy, it was as promised. Thank you Jaye for your help."


12 Jun 2018 - Honda Vezel 1.5 X

Ryan contacted me in January and requested me to handle the customs clearance and LTA homologation for his 2018 Honda Vezel, which he purchased from Japan. We charged him an import admin fee for the effort put into getting his vehicle road ready. He bidded the COE himself and all we needed to do for him was to get the car on the road before 1 July 2018. As promised, we got his vehicle on the road on 12 Jun 2018, before the wicked VES increases price of the car by $30K.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"Jaye have made import much easier for local owner. No hidden cost. You can even specify your requirements and he will accommodate all he can. Thank you Jaye."


27 Apr 2018 - Toyota Voxy X Welcab Type I

This customer contacted us in Nov 2017. His family had an urgent requirement for a wheelchair friendly vehicle as his then Toyota Sienta Welcab was reaching end of life. After much online research and discussions with him, in January 2018, he decided to make a custom factory order through us for the Toyota Voxy X Welcab Type I. After two months of waiting, it finally arrived in Singapore in March 2018. We successfully cleared the vehicle with our local regulatory authorities after much effort. The Toyota Voxy X Welcab Type I was registered on 26 April and delivered the next day to the customer staying in the east. Overall delivery lead time for this bespoke Toyota Voxy Welcab was 15 calendar weeks, which turned out to be much shorter than promised. This wheelchair-friendly vehicle should serve his family's needs well.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"Jaye has helped me to order the Voxy Welcab from Japan in early Jan 18 and I have collected the car at around end April 18. I am extremely happy I have taken this route of buying car as I was having problem to get PI, even reputable one, to help to buy, as they were not certain the car can pass the required inspection due to VES. Having found Jaye service from the web and after some thinking through, I decided to go with him despite the potential risks that were floating through my minds. The way I had looked at it was traditional PI was not able to help, also having seemed a few PI defaults, I figured logically it is no more risky than ordering with some PIs . Also, from early exchanges with him, he was quite upfront on the processes, payment schedules and how he will keep me posted on every steps like placing order from oversea and leadtime involved. Having gone through this buying experience, think if you have a specific need on car and local distributors are not to satisfy you, this will probably be a very good way to order the car exactly to the specification you are looking for."


23 Apr 2018 - Honda Civic FK7 Sport+ 1.5 M

The pearl white FK7 Civic Sport+ 1.5 VTEC Turbo (M) has been sold to another one of the rare few in SG who still appreciates the manual stick shift. It appears that there are still a small group of Singaporeans who are still stick shift die-hard fans.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"I received the Honda Hatchback from J today. I like the specs that he imported in and most importantly, it is stick shift with turbo. Nice! I can really see his effort in getting the car ready shortly after obtaining COE. The experience buying from J is really no frill and he delivered his promises. No hard selling, no gimmicks, no empty promises, no sales speech. He is open to discussion too. Getting a car from J is like buying from a friend who is passionate about cars. Big thank you J! 5 Stars for you!"


27 Dec 2017 - Honda Civic FK7 Sport+ 1.5 M

This customer visited me in late September 2017 to view the blue FK7 Civic Hatchback 1.5T Manual. Back then he used to own a black CL7R Accord Euro R and he wanted to sell it off directly before committing to the purchase of the blue FK7. He managed to sell his old ride after weeks and immediately came back to sign the purchase agreement for the FK7. However due to the high level of COE premium in the months of November and December, we only secured his COE at $47,002 (his reserve price was kept at $51,000) in the last bid of 2017. It was subsequently registered on 27 Dec and delivered personally to the customer's doorstep on the same day.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"On the ball, responsive person and open to discussion. Definitely, the place where you can save on your desired car. Unlike other places, where bulk of the car profit goes to sustain their big showroom."


09 Dec 2017 - Honda Civic Type R GT (FK8) 2.0 M

Our FK8 Honda Civic Type Rs were the first few "grey" units to arrive in Sg. Both the black and white FK8 have been waiting for their rightful owners til this customer came down to view the car on 02 Dec 2017. After much negotiation (as usual by all buyers), deal was locked in on the next day. COE was bid on 06 Dec in the first attempt with a reduction in the premium from the last round in November. It was subsequently registered on 07 Dec and delivered personally to the customer's doorstep on 09 Dec 2017.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"Excellent service. Delivered as promised. Very accommodating to all requests. Delivering a full spec uniquely customised with a fairly decent OMV as well, benefiting the buyer. This wouldn't be a one off deal. I'll definitely have SGCars4U as my preferred car dealer. Once again. Very contented with my purchase and the service rendered."


07 Dec 2017 - Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI M

This customer engaged us to import a Skoda with diesel engine and manual gearbox. We sourced for him from UK and found what he desired - Skoda Octavia SE L 2.0TDI 6MT, and in his favorite color Black. He placed an order with us on 22 Sep 2017. COE was bid on 4 Oct in the first attempt, luckily as COE premium subsequently shot up. The car arrived in Sg port on 26 Oct 2017 and LTA homologation was completed on 06 Dec 2017. It was subsequently registered and delivered personally to the customer's doorstep on 07 Dec 2017.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"I ordered my Skoda Octavia from J and it was a very fair price. J didn't make any empty promises and gave very reasonable time line for the car to reach Singapore and also for LTA homologation. His passion for cars and sincerity towards his customers made the whole process super easy. Usually customers are scared of car dealers running away but for my case, J was scared i would run away after placing the order! He kept me updated and never frowned whenever i had questions for him. The best car purchase experience that i ever had. Thank you!"


19 Oct 2017 - Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI 4X4 190PS A

Customer booked the exclusive Skoda Kodiaq on 24 Sep 2017 before going away 3 weeks for business trip. COE was bid for customer in the first bid attempt on 4 Oct. Car was registered on 16 Oct and delivered to customer at his office on 19 Oct.

Quote from Facebook Review:

"J is very passionate about cars and he fully understand the pain of Singapore car lovers – the lack of choices even by paying high price. I was looking for an agent to help me bring in the diesel version of the latest Honda CRV and found SGCars4u. J recommended Skoda Kodiaq instead. I went for a test drive and never looked back! It was indeed an excellent recommendation. J imported the Kodiaq with a trim level that makes sense for Singapore use - highest performance spec without the cold weather essentials. He is very flexible if the buyer wants further customization. Although his company is very new, J has demonstrated transparency during the whole transaction from booking to delivery and kept me posted of every step of the process. His company is also one of the few in Singapore that offers COE rebate equivalent to the COE price in the vehicle sales agreement. Also, when I had a minor hiccup with the reverse camera installed by a local workshop, J promptly offered to pay for the replacement by another workshop out of goodwill. This goes to show that he is determined to get the service right. I highly recommend SGCARS4U to anyone who is looking for unconventional cars."