Bespoke Parallel Car Import Specialist has been involved in the parallel car import industry in Singapore since 2016.

Our aim as a company is to offer customers importing vehicles into Singapore an easier alternative to having to take on the parallel car import process by themselves. We have built our business on understanding that the prospect of importing a car into Singapore can be daunting for people approaching it for the first time. We know that the detailed information required to make the decision to import a car (from Australia, UK, or Japan) into Singapore is often widespread and hard to digest so we are here to help and be your one stop source.

We believe that by entrusting us with your car import you will be able to sit back and relax while we use our worldwide business to business network and industry knowledge to quickly and cost effectively get you and your car back on the road here in Singapore.




Why Choose Us?


One size no longer fits all. Any car you want can be customized to your requirements (subject to manufacturer's constraints).



Due to our direct import advantage and by doing away with a fancy showroom, we can pass down the cost savings to the consumer.




Vehicles that are imported by us will come with a 3/5 years warranty program underwritten by local established insurance company.




We handle the entire process from export, shipping, customs clearance, LTA homologation, financing, insurance to final delivery.



Bespoke Services

Import of new customized bespoke cars

Import of used cars

Import of JDM wheelchair accessible mobility cars

Import of commercial vehicles (including single/double cab pickup)

Import of classic cars

Homologation of cars & goods vehicles

Registration and road readiness of vehicles

Vehicle hire purchase and motor insurance




Hear from our Satisfied Customers

Here are some testimonials we have received!


"Just collected my Skoda Octavia VRS Combi today. It has been a long process and Jaye has been nice and helpful along the way. Trustworthy importer. Thank you for helping me get the car I’ve always wanted! Keep up the good work!"


"Relocated to SG and wasn’t happy with the choices of vehicles available through dealers. Jaye was able to get the vehicle I wanted with my specifications as a factory order. Highly recommended for his efforts in making sure everything goes through smoothly. Thanks again and enjoying the car."


"Tried sourcing myself for a Mercedes E200 from UK. I could not get the price Jaye offered to me so I decided to buy from him instead. His company is small therefore he could offer the price no other PI can. He is honest and can be trusted. Will definitely recommend him to my friends. Thanks Jaye."



Ready Stock Cars On Sale

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing our ready stock cars.

All readily available cars are VAC-ready and available for immediate registration.

View our sgCarMart advertisement.


Latest 2020/2021 Car Models (Pre-Order)

Contact us if you are interested in importing these new car models or any other models not shown below.

Seat Leon Cupra


Indicative price (w/o COE) $TBC

Mercedes GLA 200

mercedes GLA 200

Indicative price (w/o COE) $122,000

Tesla Model 3


Indicative price (w/o COE) $150,000

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan

Indicative price (w/o COE) $229,900

Mercedes-AMG CLA45 S Plus

Mercedes Benz CLA35 AMG

Indicative price (w/o COE) $239,000

Toyota Corolla Sport

Toyota Corolla Sport

Indicative price (w/o COE) $76,900

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny

Indicative price (w/o COE) $69,900

Mini John Cooper Works

Mini John Cooper Works

Indicative price (w/o COE) $114,900

Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift Sport

Indicative price (w/o COE) $64,900

Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack

Toyota Yaris GR

Indicative price (w/o COE) $173,000

Land Rover Defender 110


Indicative price (w/o COE) $220,000

Mercedes E-Class

mercedes e-class 2021

Indicative price (w/o COE) $159,000

Mercedes-AMG GLB 35


Indicative price (w/o COE) $200,900

Mercedes-AMG A45 S Plus

mercedes benz A45 hatchback

Indicative price (w/o COE) $225,000

Mercedes GLC300 Coupe

mercedes benz GLC300 coupe

Indicative price (w/o COE) $183,900

Mercedes CLA coupe

Mercedes Benz CLA-class Coupe

Indicative price (w/o COE) $105,900

Honda Freed Welcab

Honda Freed Welcab

Indicative price (w/o COE) $90,900

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Indicative price (w/o COE) $93,900

BMW M3 Competition

BMW M3 Competition 2021.

Indicative price (w/o COE) $340,000

Mazda MX-5 RF 2.0A


Indicative price (w/o COE) $120,000

BMW 5-series


Indicative price (w/o COE) $TBC

Mercedes A-Class Saloon AMG

Mercedes A-class SaloonIndicative price (w/o COE) $116,900

Honda Civic Type R FK8

Honda Civic Type R GT FK8

Indicative price (w/o COE) $155,900

Mercedes GLE450 AMG Premium+

Mercedes Benz GLE450

Indicative price (w/o COE) $285,000

Honda Stepwgn Welcab

Honda Stepwgn Welcab

Indicative price (w/o COE) $107,000

Mercedes G63 AMG

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Indicative price (w/o COE) $580,000

Toyota Raize 1.0T

Toyota Raize

Indicative price (w/o COE) $46,900