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Our Story Pte Ltd was established in January 2019 with the primary objective of providing bespoke/customized car parallel import service to individuals/companies in Singapore.

Our team is composed of experienced vehicle import professionals who can handle the import and local regulatory procedures on your behalf.

We pride ourselves on our ability to import most new, used, and classic vehicles either from HK, UK, Japan, or Australia.

We take care of all the legwork for you so you can focus on more important things as you await the car of your dreams. 

Whatever it is you require we will endeavour to supply it.


Our Mission

We are passionate about providing a breakthrough in the local automotive purchasing process.

We aim to fulfill the bespoke needs of every individual each with varying vehicle requirements.

We wish to alleviate the "pain" that an individual undergoes when he can't get a car he favours, when the cost of the car he wants is too stretched, or when he has no clue on how to import his car from a foreign country.

We believe that we are the best at what we do, so engage us and we promise to fulfil your bespoke car desire and provide a cost effective vehicle purchase/import solution.



Our Founder Pte Ltd was founded by Mr. Jaye Tham, who started the company after having more than a decade of experience in the engineering industry.

Back then before this bold venture, he was comfortably drawing a fixed remuneration working as a "black-art" research engineer. The idea of starting a business had been quietly sitting in the back of his mind during those later years of work in the engineering company.

It's the ultimate dream for any petrol-head to own and run an automobile-related company. But, thinking of the extreme competitive nature of this automotive trading industry (especially in Singapore's context), he almost gave up the notion then.

It was during one of those brainstorming sessions with his partner that they came up with the idea of an online bespoke car import business (which was uncommon back then) - to provide a no-frills service to consumers in Singapore for the importation of their desired vehicle from foreign countries.

The rest was history.

Our Recognitions

Our Services

Bespoke Car Import

Longing to own a new custom-built bespoke car ?

Want to get a new car that you like but unfortunately is not sold locally ?

Come and speak to us. We can help you to import the new bespoke vehicle in your desired configuration and get it road-legal.

Configure Your Bespoke Car Here


Used Car Import

Cost of a brand new car in Singapore is one of the highest in the world.

Used car import could be a viable solution for a lower priced equivalent car.

One can find quality used cars from HK, UK, Australia and Japan. Check out this link for some overseas car-marts.

Let us assist you in the import of a quality used car (less than 3 years of age) that meets your requirements.

Engage us to import your used car


Classic Car Import

Classic car collectors can engage our services in the import of their desired classic cars.

We can fulfill your classic car ownership desire.

We can handle the entire process of origin export, import customs clearance, homologation, and vehicle registration.

More information on classic car import can be found here

Engage us to import your classic car


Export of Used Cars

We can export cars to clients all over the globe. Look for us if you require any quality used cars or commercial vehicles in your country. 

Engage us for any used car export requirement


Vehicle Homologation

Individuals or companies planning on self-importation of passenger cars/light goods vehicles can engage our services to complete the LTA homologation of your vehicle.

We can submit your vehicle application through the Vehicle Inspection and Type Approval System (VITAS), get the vehicle pass the mandatory EuroVI emission test, and obtain the Vehicle Approval Code (VAC) from LTA before registration of your vehicle.

Engage us to assist your vehicle homologation


Sell Your Car to Us

Whether you’re purchasing a new ride, or simply looking to sell your vehicle quickly – we can provide you the highest trade-in value or quote a competitive price for you within a few hours.

Sell your car to us


Hire Purchase Financing

We have partnered with major banks and finance companies to provide you with vehicle loan at very competitive rates.

Individual self importers planning to do own importation of vehicles can also engage our services if they require hire-purchase financing.

We also provide refinancing of existing vehicle loan.

Enquire on our hire purchase financing packages


Motor Insurance

Protect you and your loved ones on the busy roads and rainy days so you can enjoy a carefree drive. Engage us to renew the mandatory motor insurance for your car at competitive premium.

Request for a motor insurance renewal quote


LTA e-Services

We are one of the authorized LTA Electronic Service Agents (ESA).

We can perform all online LTA transactions for VITAS batch vehicle application, vehicle transfer, vehicle registration, and etc.


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