Classic Car Import

The classic car trade is an exquisite and niche pastime. It’s no secret that old cars are a pain to maintain and run. Coupled with Singapore’s tight grip on cars and tropical climate, you would have to be a die-hard classic car lover to own one. But, Singapore does have a scheme for registering classic cars in good condition.

Called the Classic Vehicle Scheme, the road tax only cost $280 a year and owners only need to pay 10% of the 10 years Certificate of Entitlement (COE) Prevailing Quota Premium for the appropriate category.

Under such a scheme, the 35-years or older classic car will sport a red and yellow vehicle plate, and they are only allowed to be driven for a maximum of 45 days a year. With the annual road tax paid, owners get 28 free day licences per calendar year to drive their classic car, with the remaining 17 days costing $20 a day for the licence.

Classic Car Import

We know it is a hassle to import and get the classic car road-certified and registered in Singapore. Classic car lovers can engage our company for the classic car import service and we will only charge a nominal administrative fee.

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Classic 1984 Porsche 928 S (coming soon)

porsche 928

Classic 1998 Toyota Supra GTE

Classic 2000 Toyota Supra GE

Classic 1977 Ferrari 308 GT4

Classic 1985 Porsche 911

Classic 1973 Mercedes 280 CE Coupe


Classic 1972 Mercedes 280S Saloon

Classic 1965 Mercedes 220 SE Saloon

Classic 1970 Mercedes 280 S Saloon