Used Car Import

Motorists looking to buy mid- to high-end marques should find getting an imported used car a more cost effective solution than getting a brand new or used car in local market. Used cars imported into Singapore are eligible for Preferential Additional Registration fee (PARF) if they de-register their cars before the 10th year. The rebate can be used to offset taxes for a new car.  However, importers have to pay a $10,000 surcharge for used cars, on top of all the usual taxes and the certificate of entitlement (COE) required for owning a car here. And to address concerns of “buying blind”, without knowing the car’s history, potential buyers can have the cars checked by vehicle assessors.

Besides import of brand new bespoke cars, our company also imports used, low mileage, and good quality cars from Australia, UK, HK and Japan into Singapore. Cars can be demo or display units at overseas car dealerships, used cars sold in the overseas car markets, or even cars owned by individuals in an overseas country.

Local customers can engage our company for the import service and we only charge a nominal administrative fee for handling the import on his/her behalf. One can estimate the total on the road cost for the used car by using our car import cost calculator.

Take special note that Singapore LTA only allows vehicles less than 3 years of age to be imported and registered in Singapore.

BMW M2 2020 (Used Import)

Toyota Alphard 2021 (Used Import)

Nissan GT-R 2019 (Used Import)

Toyota GR 86 (Used Import)

Mercedes AMG GT 2018 (Used Import)

Toyota Alphard 2018 (Used Import)

BMW M5 Saloon 2019 (Used Import)

Toyota Alphard 2019 (Used Import)