WELCAB cars from Honda and Toyota are easy for caregivers to use, because they are specifically designed for that purpose. There are many types of WELCAB cars, so people can pick the ones they like or the ones with features they find easy to use.

There are several WELCAB variants that you can import from Japan. However, in this blog, we shall only describe those commonly used by end users here.


Wheelchair-accessible vehicle (slope type)

The gentle slope at the rear of the vehicle allows you to get on and off with a wheelchair or stretcher.

The wheelchair-bound passenger can ride in a wheelchair without transferring to the seat of the vehicle.

Toyota models come with vehicle height descent function. By lowering the vehicle height, the angle of the slope becomes gentle, so it is possible to assist with less burden.

Currently at point of writing, there are few WELCAB models from Toyota and Honda that are wheelchair-accessible.


Toyota Sienta Welcab Slope

Toyota Voxy/Noah Welcab Slope

Honda Freed Welcab Slope

Honda Stepwgn Welcab Slope

Passenger seat rotating tilt seat car

The passenger seat rotates to the outside of the vehicle and the seat and backrest tilt by the manual operation of the assistant. Supports getting up when getting off and sitting when getting on. Since it is a manual type, speedy operation is possible. The seat height is the same as the standard car, and the line of sight with the driver is also the same height.


Toyota Sienta Welcab Rotating Tilt Seat

Honda Fit Welcab Rotating Tilt Seat

Side lift up tilt seat car

Equipped with a tilt seat that slides down electrically.
The second seat rotates and slides down and tilts out of the car.
Gently supports standing up and sitting down of the physically challenged passenger.
Use the standard wireless remote control to support getting on and off more comfortably.


Toyota Noah Welcab Side Lift

Honda Stepwgn Welcab Side Lift

Side lift up seat car(Detachable type)

The passenger seat in the second row rotates and slides down to the outside of the car. The seat is removable and can be used as a wheelchair.
There are two types of removable seats, a "manual type" that can be used as a wheelchair for long-term care and an "electric type" that can be self-propelled.


Toyota Alphard Welcab Side Lift Up Seat