Honda Shuttle Hybrid

The Shuttle Hybrid combines the best in terms of practicality and efficiency but still manages to provide some fun. If you like the features of the Honda Fit Hybrid, but are not a big fan of its smaller dimensions, the Shuttle Hybrid looks perfect on paper.

The engine in the Honda Shuttle Hybrid is an Atkinson cycle 1.5L Earth Dreams i-VTEC. This flurry of words and acronyms stands for one of the most advanced systems that provides both performance and efficiency.

For example, the i-VTEC stands for intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, which modifies the way camshaft and valves work in different conditions to ensure either maximum fuel efficiency in low load conditions, due to limited opening of the valves in these circumstances, or top performance available due to maximum lift for more effective breathing of the engine.

The top power available stands at 101 kW (135bhp) and 134 Nm of torque. Add to this the electric motor and its instant torque delivery and the whole system becomes more than sufficient for the spacious family car.

Things get even better when we look at the gearbox. The engine is mated to a 7-speed DTC, which is a welcome advancement over the previous CVT. It is faster, very smooth and, surprisingly, more fuel efficient.

Speaking of which, the official fuel efficiency figure stands at 34.3 km/l.

The main reason why one would take the Shuttle over the Fit is its interior space. The Honda Shuttle offers heaps of it. With the rear seats up, it can hold 470L of cargo. That is a nice figure, but what is even more remarkable is the shape of the cargo area and its wide, accommodating opening. Load lip is virtually non-existent and there are no protruding parts to obstruct loading bulky objects.

So, how good is the Shuttle Hybrid?

It makes use of all the benefits of the immensely popular and beloved Honda Fit, while adding plenty of practicality. It is punchy, great around town, respectable on the freeway, easy to park, fuel efficient and fun to drive, comfortable and refined and it packs class-leading interior space that easily surpasses the Fit, which is famous for its interior versatility and spaciousness.

If you like the Fit but you need more space, look no further than the Shuttle Hybrid.